Wednesday, 13 June 2012

SEESHOP 6 and LO Workshop (Cardiff, 7-10 June 2012)

Last weekend saw the 6th annual SEESHOPconference and the 2nd ever Local Organisers (LO) workshop for the IMGAME project

The LO workshop was held on 7 June and brought together the postgrads and postdocs who help us run the IMGAME project by booking rooms, recruiting participants and generally making sure that we are able to collect the data we need. The aim of the LO workshop was to discuss developments of the methods, share hints and tips on how to manage the fieldwork and discuss some of the preliminary results from the first year.

After the LO workshop, the sixth SEESHOP got underway on Friday 8 June. The conference was a mixture of new participants and old-timers from previous years. The quality of the papers presented was uniformly high and we had lots of really good discussions about expertise and its use in settings ranging from management consultancy, industrial training and the courtroom to the natural and neurological sciences. We also had some lively debates about the relationship between expertise and democracy and on whether or not ‘nudge’ theory could (or should) be used to reduce the chance of maverick or marginal science influencing lay decision-making.
The programme is not available on-line at the time of writing but a list of speakers and titles is given below:

Friday 8 June

Paper Session 1: Developing Expertise

Julie Williamson – Experts among us: interactional expertise among management consultants
Simon Williams – Visualization of experiments
Paulo Marques and Rodrigo Ribeiro– Training for development of tacit knowledge

Saturday 9 June

Workshop: DemocraSEE

Alain Bovet – What can SEE bring to the pragmatist approach to the political public
Jean Goodwin – Adopting Walter Lippmann as an ancestor of 3rd Wave
Rob Evans – Habermas, Rawls & Democracy

Paper Session 2: Interactional Expertise

Kathryn Plaisance – Interactional expertise and philosophy of science
Eric Kennedy – A pluralistic approach to interactional expertise

Sunday 10 June

Paper session 3: Expertise Ignored

Robert Jomisko – Reforming science policy reform
Luis Reyes Galindo– Bogus molecular detectors

Paper Session 4: Experts about experts

David Caudill – Reliability standards in law and SEE
Theresa Schilhab – The anatomy of interactional expertise

Paper Session 5: Managing Expertise

Sally Jackson – Design Requirements for Safely Deferring to the Experts
Evan Selinger and Kyle Whyte – Nudging expertise

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