Thursday, 5 April 2012

traineeship for science communication student

The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESF) are looking for a student interested in summer vacation work at their facility. The advert reads as follows:

We have a project for this summer, spanning about 6-8 weeks during June, July and August. We hope to find a native English speaker with a scientific background and an interest in communication. The project will be to write/edit the text for a new section of our website that will present a collaborative science project.  Organisational and editing skills are more important that web skills. An understanding of writing for the web would be beneficial.

Past trainees thought that working at the ESRF was a great experience, for them it was:
- an opportunity to spend a summer in Grenoble, France
- working at a major European Science Centre (640 employees and 3000 scientific visitors per year)
- working with scientists
- with English as the working language
- the trainee salary was thought sufficient to cover living expenses

Further details about the ESRF can be found at

IMGAME: Budapest fieldwork

We arrived back in Cardiff last night after yet another successful IMGAME fieldwork trip. Local Organiser Zoltán Sallay did an excellent job recruiting participants, who almost all turned up, and we managed to complete the data collection phase is record time!

The topic for this set of Imitation Games was religion, with Pretenders given the task of passing as Christians. The results will be directly comparable with recent fieldwork at Cardiff, where secular students were also asked to pass as active Christians. We are still completing the final phase of data collection in Cardiff and will start this in Budapest after Easter. With any luck, we should have results to report at SEESHOP in June.

Lastly, we must single out our tour guide, Martin Weinel, for exceptional work in finding excellent hotels. He surpassed himself this time with the Gellert hotel, which includes entry to the Gellert baths as part of the room price…